Instruction Offered

Currently we offer Carnatic music lessons in vocal, violin and veena. Also, those interested in taking karaoke lessons for film music may contact us.

The teachers of Ragapriya School of Music have been providing excellent teaching for the last 20 years – developing individual potential, and instilling lifelong appreciation and support of the musical arts. In addition, students are exposed to many aspects of Indian culture and values like respect for guru and Hindu mythology.

We conduct private lessons and group private lessons where we provide individualized and in depth coaching. Our goal is to work with each child so that we can draw the best from them. Also, besides trying to achieve perfection in their songs the students learn to function in a group. Children have to commit to practice daily for at least 20 to 30 minutes. This ensures advancement in each class and brings discipline and time management skills to a child’s life as well.

Fees are charged by the month which covers four classes. Any classes missed by the teachers will be made up.

Requirements for classes

Each student should bring a binder, a notebook, a recording device, and a pen to each class, as well as any textbooks provided by the teacher. It is best to keep all of these items in a dedicated music bag that you use for both practice and class.