September: Composers Day and Daasa Vaibhavam

The beginning of the school year brings a new season full of musical events. This September we had two events – Composers Day on September 7 at the Richfield Balaji Temple, and Daasa Vaibhavam on September 22, organized by the Kannada Association. We have participated in both events before and it was nice to be a part of both again this year.

This year, the Composers Day theme was Krishna. Each group presented several songs on Krishna, and were asked to present a variety of composers. One of our groups presented Kannenna Kanne and Muddugare Yeshoda, by Suddhananda Bharati and Annamacharya, respectively. The other group presented Krishnamurti and Baro Krishnayya, by Purandaradasa and Kanakadasa. Shruti also presented excerpts from the Bhagavad Gita, because a program about Krishna should include Krishna’s own words.

Please enjoy the pictures and videos from the September programs. October will bring another flurry of activity for our music school!

Shanti Raghavan’s Group, Muddugare Yeshoda at Composers Day 2019
Shanti Raghavan’s Group, Kannenna Kanne, Composers Day 2019
Shruti Aring’s Group, Composers Day 2019
Muddugare Yeshoda
Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2 Excerpts
Shanti Raghavan’s group, Daasa Vaibhavam 2019
Shruti Aring’s Group, Daasa Vaibhavam 2019
Nithara and Harsh play Padumanabha
Shanti Raghavan’s group sings Rama Mantrava Japiso
Shruti Aring’s group sings Baro Krishnayya

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