Columbus Competition Recognition

Congratulations to Manith Humchad for winning a prize at the Columbus Carnatic Music Association’s competition! There were plenty of participants in each category, and we sent three people from Ragapriya. Manith sang Rama Bhakti, a composition of Thyagaraja. It was executed flawlessly and the judges rewarded him for his preparation and hard work with a special prize. There were two prize winners in his category in addition to his special mention.

Whenever there is a competition, there are many participants but only a few winners. However, participating itself is a wonderful learning experience. We have the opportunity to listen to students who are learning from other schools. Whenever you listen to others, you learn something that you can bring back to your own music. It is also a chance to mingle with other music lovers. It is a good experience to be a part of the musical community.

Children who participate in competitions learn to work hard and take their song to a higher level. All three of our Ragapriya students did this work and we are very proud of them. Good work to all three of our students, and congratulations to Manith on his recognition!

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  1. Manith has a lovely voice and renders his songs very well. I loved hearing his “He Govinda He Gopala” song in Kapi ragam during the recent school annual day. In fact, just the day before, I had also enjoyed him singing “Sreeman Narayana” beautifully in the Kasthuri Kannada Sangha also. Congratulations to Manith for winning special award at the Columbus competition!

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