Listening Homework: Geethams I

For your listening homework, listen to each geetham every day while looking at your music and putting talam with your hands.  Do not sing along the first time, but if you feel you know one well you can play it again and sing along the second time.

1. Sri Gananatha [download]

2. Kunda Gowra [download]

3. Kereya Neeranu [download]

4. Padumanabha [download]

5. Bhaya Samaya [download]

6. Analekara [download]

7. Vara Veena [download]

8. Hari Hara Vinuta [download]

9. Kamala Jadala [download]

10. Giridhara Madhava [download]

11. Kamala Sulochani [download]