2015 Annual Recital

Congratulations to all of our students for their participation in the 2015 Annual Recital on March 29th.  It was a very exciting program and every student had the opportunity to perform on stage.  There were many new students and it was their first time on stage.  Some children were counting the hours and everybody practiced hard.

The children did an awesome job.  They worked very hard through the extremely cold winter months.  Each of them gave an above average performance.  The program this time had compositions by different composers like Dikshitar, Annamacharya, Purandaradasa, Ramadasa, Thyagaraja, and others.  From beginners to advanced students, all the children outdid themselves and put up a very interesting and entertaining show.  Their enthusiasm and energy were apparent from beginning to end, and the enthusiasm of the parents matched that of the children.  As teachers we were very proud of all the children.

This was the final recital for our graduating senior, Venkat Tondapu.  He played a difficult song, Inta Saukhya, and served as our emcee for the evening.  He did a great job and we were proud to have him.  Venkat will be attending Youngstown State University as part of the accelerated BS/MD program for NEOMED.  We wish him all the best in his continuing journey.

At the end of the program, we awarded certificates and ice cream gift certificates to all students and medals to anyone who had passed an exam at the alankarams level or beyond.  Many students had worked hard to pass their exams and we as teachers were very proud of them.

On the whole it was a friendly and family oriented program with good music.  It was a wonderful homage to the Lord and a good remembrance of our Gurus.  Pictures are coming soon, so stay tuned!

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