2017 Young Artist Music Competition

On November 4th, 2017 Ragapriya School of Music hosted a young artist music competition. The competition was intended to encourage young musicians and inspire them to work towards ever higher levels. This was the first time we hosted a traditional competition, and we had a great turnout with nearly 35 children participating.  Our judges were excellent and well qualified, and gave great feedback to the children.  All participants did well, and we were impressed by the dedication of so many children.

Thank you to our judges and volunteers, and congratulations to the winners of our 2017 competition.

First Prize Srinidhi Mahesh
Second Prize Siya Lakireddy
Third Prize Magathi Ganesh
Likhit Kishore Varanasi


First Prize Hurshil Nittala
Avaneesh Polaconda
Second Prize Shashank Ramamurthy
Third Prize Anish Sairam
Viswesh Kasiraman
Honorable Mention Shradha Venkatesh


First Prize Raghav Kasibhatla
Second Prize Vidya Rajagopal
Third Prize Pooja Srivaishnavi Vallam
Honorable Mention Purva Chauhan
Srujana Kokeragadda


First Prize Sumedha Mahesh
Second Prize Vikram Braum
Third Prize Sachi Sanghavi


First Prize Viswesh Kasiraman
Second Prize Pranav Tejas Vallam


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