Composers Day 2017

Once again, Ragapriya participated in the annual Composers Day program on October 7th, conducted by the Sree Venkateswara Temple in Richfield.  This year, the theme was kshetrams in addition to composers.  Each school was assigned a kshetram and chose songs that different composers had composed on that kshetram.  Our school was assigned Tirupathy (which corresponded to the Venkateswara temple) and Tiruvananthapuram (which corresponded to the Ananthapadmanabhaswamy temple).

The program was very well organized, starting and ending on time. Our students were very lively and enthusiastic and put up an entertaining presentation.  The student presentation was followed by a teacher presentation, which included a medley and individual performances by teachers.  Congratulations to the cultural committee, chaired by Shanti Raghavan, and great job participants!


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