Daasara Vaibhava

On August 27th, Kannada Kasturi launched the first Daasara Vaibhava program to pay homage to and celebrate the Karnataka composers who have contributed so much to Carnatic music. This was spearheaded by Dr. Naveen Uli and the Kannada Kasturi committee.  Our Ragapriya students were invited to participate, and they put up a very spirited, lively, and enthusiastic performance. Our participants were: Raksha Karthikeyan, Harsha Jayaram, Purva Chauhan, Urja Chauhan, Meena Braum and Manith Humchad. They were accompanied by Guru Shanti Raghavan on the veena.

The group rendered Tharakka Bindige in raga Thilang and Adi (tisra nadai) talam and Smarane Onde in the raga Malayamarutham and Adi talam. Several students also presented solos.  Harsha presented Narayana Ninna Namada in the raga Suddha Dhanyasi and Khanda Chapu talam.  Raksha presented Venkatachala Nilayam in the raga Sindhu Bhairavi, and Manith sang Yaare Rangana in the raga Hindolam, Adi talam. These presentations were very well received by the audience. We are very proud of our students who prepared for this program in a very short time and put up such a good show.

Certificates for the Group

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