Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2015!  We had a very interesting 2014.  Among other things, Ragapriya sent several students to the Columbus competition, we had our annual recital, and we sent several students to the very exciting Carnatic Symphony at the Thyagaraja Aradhana.  In the fall, we participated in the All Composers Day sponsored by the Venkateswara Temple in Richfield.

We began several new classes.  Shruti has several new violin students, and Shanti has started a new class at the Sree Venkateswara Temple on Saturdays.  From February 7th, she will be starting a new class for adults and children 12 and above.  This class will be held at the Venkateswara temple and will primarily be slokas and bhajans which can be recited in the sannidhi upstairs.  Please call or e-mail if you are interested in joining this class.

In addition to these, Shanti accepted the additional responsibility of being the chairperson for the Cultural Committee at the Sree Venkateswara Temple.  Along with her committee and the temple Board, she has instituted several new programs, which she hopes will be permanent fixtures in years to come. Notable are the community programs All Composers Day (music) and Nrityanjali (dance).  Also notable is the Geetanjali, which is a monthly program, a musical samarpanam to Lord Venkateswara that takes place during the monthly abhishekham.

In 2015 we look forward to another exciting year enriched by music.  First on our list this year is our annual program, which will be Sunday, March 29; time and location to be announced.  Please mark your calendars and look out for our announcement.

Ragapriya is also organizing a vocal and instrumental contest in the month of May.  This is a unique contest in which everybody can and should participate.  Details will be announced soon.

In addition to our own events, we will participate in other community events throughout the year.

Happy new year to all and we will see you at all of these events!

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