Ragapriya Vocal and Instrumental Contest

Our 2015 Vocal and Instrumental contest was a huge success. We had nearly 30 participants from three area music schools. The event started right on time – even a few minutes early – and ran like clockwork. Most of the children were singers, but there were several violinists as well. It was obvious that each child had worked hard for their performance. Every contestant was rated by the judges. Those who received a I (Excellent) or a II (Good) also received ribbons for their good work. Everybody received their comment sheet from the judges to aid in their continued improvement. We hope that it encourages everybody to continue working hard at their music classes so that they can get better each year. Congratulations to all the students.

Our judges were Dr. Shankar Srinivas from Cleveland, and Mr. Indiresh Maktal from Detroit. They are both accomplished musicians who are interested in encouraging our local youth. They happily volunteered their time to listen to our children to give their feedback. They were very honest, fair, and encouraging. Our heartfelt thanks to both of them for their enthusiastic participation.

Our judges: Dr. Sankar Srinivas and Mr. Indiresh Maktal

Thanks also to Ravi Raghavan for setting up and monitoring the sound system for us.
Ravi monitors the sound system

One more special thanks to our volunteer Dexter, who did all of the clerical work for us. His help made the entire day go smoothly and we appreciate that he volunteered his morning with us.

Dexter shows Sujith what he's doing

It was a great experience all around and we look forward to making this an annual event.

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