Ramanavami 2018

On March 25, 2018 the Venkateswara Temple in Richfield, OH held their Ramanavami celebrations.  The occasion was marked by performing the wedding of Rama and Sita.  During this puja, Shruti accompanied Srivishnu and Srikrishna on the violin as they sang various marriage songs and other songs on Rama.  Shruti ended the puja with Sri Ramachandra Kripalu, a favorite Tulasidas bhajan.

After the puja a group of our Ragapriya students took to the dais to recite the Nama Ramayanam slokam.  The Nama Ramayanam slokam tells the full story of the Ramayanam, all the way from the childhood of Rama until he defeated Ravana and returned to Ayodhya to rule.  It is said that to recite the name of Rama and meditate on the Ramayanam will wash away sins and bring one closer to God.  Our children did a beautiful job of memorizing the Nama Ramayanam and singing enthusiastically on the occasion of Ramanavami.

We just got a short clip, but here they are singing:

Shuddha Brahma Clip

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