Special Mention – Ananya Srinivasan

Once in a way one runs into people who exemplify the act of giftivism. By their charitable disposition they touch our hearts. One such student we had was Ananya  Srinivasan. She was a middle school student. We had set up this website and she knew that it had cost us quite a bit. On her own she offered to do a bake sale and raise money for Ragapriya. She kept her word, carried out her plan and amidst all her very busy schedule she had a very successful bake sale.

We want to thank Ananya Srinivasan for raising $200.00. Ananya went above and beyond. This was her idea and she took a lot of trouble to raise this money. She baked many different kinds of muffins like mango, blueberry, chocolate. Easily the mango muffins overshadowed the rest and were in demand. She was very well supported and encouraged by her mother Nithya Srinivasan.  Everybody else supported this by buying the muffins. Thank you all for supporting her and Ragapriya. The Srinivasan family has moved back to India early this year. We miss you Ananya and we wish you all the best!

Bake Sale 2012 (3)

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