Vijayadasami – Thank you to my teachers

On Vijayadasami, we honor the guru-shishya relationship. While the students are asked to honor their gurus, the guru also has an important role to play, in blessing the students and teaching them something new. It symbolizes the importance that both the teacher and student play.

My music teachers have had a profound impact on my life, both in music and otherwise. I am honored to have learned from all of them. My mother, in teaching rigorously and putting importance on the arts, instilled discipline in me. My father, who did not ever learn music himself but sang incessantly, instilled a joy in music. My western violin teacher showed me how to push my limits, and my orchestra and choir teachers showed me how powerful working in a group can be. My Carnatic music gurus gave unselfishly and taught me as fast as I could learn. They showed me how vast this ancient art form truly is. I have gained so much from my music teachers and it would be remiss to let Vijayadasami go by without paying my respects.

I will end with an article about why we should all thank the music teachers in our lives. Learning music is so much more than going to lessons and performing in recitals. See how much you relate to these ten reasons to thank your music teachers.

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