Vijayadasami Celebrations

Last year I posted about my feelings toward all my gurus over the years.  Every word is still true today. I remember one teacher or another every single day, especially my music teachers.  I am blessed to have had so many quality teachers in my lifetime.

Each year we do a Saraswati puja with our students as part of our Vijayadasami celebrations.  This year was no exception, and we had a short puja with each group of students during last week’s lessons.  We explained to all the students about the importance of Saraswati in a student’s life, as well as the responsibility for both the teacher and the student on Vijayadasami.  The student is obligated to bring fruit and gurudakshina and thank their teachers.  From the teacher’s side, we are obligated to impart something new.  Vijayadasami is a very auspicious time to start new classes and it is a very important event for teachers and students alike.

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